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Wendy has been in tune with her psychic abilities and empathetic sensitivities all her life. In her adult life, her unique gift of uncovering the divine sparkling light within each of us has enabled her to help others reignite their childlike exuberance that was once hidden within themselves. Acknowledging and opening this part of yourself allows you to see the world in new ways. Wendy has the joyful ability to tune into to your true hearts energy and help you understand the deeper workings of your inner power. With the assistance of your divine guides, and the divine universal energies, she will explore strange new worlds with you and truly go where you have gone before.

Wendy embraces and shares in the transformations with all her clients who have suffered with anxiety, past life / present life issues and helps to empower Light Workers to get back on track. She also continues to inspire those already on their soles journey to continue their hearts true passions. "It is so heartwarming and heavenly delightful to see a client open to their true selves, accepting their divine responsibility to follow their heart's desire and graciously ignite their core power in love and light."

Angelic Element
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